General Health

Better Health Channel
Fact sheets and information on healthy eating and Medical Dictionary.

Healthy Weight Website
Advice on physical activities and weight loss.

Health Direct
Recent medical news, information and online symptom checker with an Australian focus.

Merck Manual Online
Online version of medical textbook which covers diseases, symptoms and prevention.

Articles on conditions, tests, treatments and medications.

Travel Health

Traveller Vaccinations
Disease information and vaccination requirements for travelling overseas

International Travel and Health
Health risks and precautions for tourists in countries around the world.

Smart Traveller
Information for Australians travelling overseas.

Mental Health

Beyond Blue
Information on depression and anxiety.

Internet Mental Health
Information on support services for mental health.

Black Dog Institute
Mood and bipolar disorder information.

Women's Health

Jean Hailes Foundation
Issues for mid-life women.

CDC Woman's Health Centre
General health information for Women to stay healthy and active.

Women's Health Center
Information from the Mayo foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Men's Health

CDC Men's Health Centre
General health information for Men to stay healthy and active.

Men and Depression
Causes, symptoms and prevention techniques for depression in men.

Men's Preventive Health
Information on leading a healthier lifestyle for men.

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