Fees and Charges

Winston Hills Medical Centre is a Mixed Billing practice. This means that some patients are effectively charged a nominal gap fee between the cost of your consultation and the Medicare rebate. You pay the total fee at the time of your consultation, with a portion of the fee (called the Medicare Rebate) being refunded to you by Medicare. If you are registered with Medicare to receive electronic payments, your Medicare Rebate will be directly refunded to your bank account.

These fees reflect the time taken and degree of complexity of each consultation. Additional payments may be required for certain services (see the table below for further details). Fees are payable at the time of consultation by credit card or EFTPOS. Accounts are unfortunately not able to be given. Our practice is equipped with TYRO. This facility will allow the Medical Center to directly lodge your receipt for Medicare refunds, saving time for patients. The full fee without the Medicare rebate will apply for patients without a Medicare card, overseas patients, workers compensation consultations and for consultations/procedures not covered by Medicare.

To check if Medicare have your bank account details to recieve your fee rebate, or to supply new account details, visit the Services Australia: Getting Medicare Benefits page.

Bulk Billing Eligibility

We bulk bill doctor consultations only for the patient groups and consultation types listed below. Bulk billing means the fee to see the doctor is covered by Medicare. Please note that fees will still apply for specific clinical procedures that may be performed by your doctor during your consultation even if you are eligible for bulk billed consultations (see the table below for a list of common clinical procedures and associated fees).

  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Pension Card / DVA Card Holders
  • Health Care Card / Concession Card Holders
  • Telephone consultations
  • Care plans, health assessments
  • Government-funded immunisations

All other consultations and procedures are subject to a nominal gap payment by the patient which reflects the cost of providing this service to you. These fees are described below.

Doctor Consultations

Patients that do not meet the bulk billing criteria above are required to pay the full fee associated with their consultation on the day of their appointment by credit card of EFTPOS. If you have a valid Medicare card and are set up to recieve electronic payments, we will automatically process your rebate during payment which should appear in your bank account within 1-2 business days. The Gap Payment column reflects the total out-of-pocket expense incurred by you after you have recieved the Medicare rebate.

Consultation Fees From 1 November 2023

Total FeePayable on day of appointment Medicare RebateRefund you receive to your bank account Gap PaymentYour total out of pocket cost after the rebate
StandardSingle Concern $61.20 $41.20 $20
LongMultiple Concerns $99.70 $79.70 $20
ProlongedComplex Issues $137.40 $117.40 $20
Mental HealthConsultation $98.55 $78.55 $20
AntenatalConsultation $63.95 $43.95 $20

Failure to Attend Your Appointment

Failure to attend your appointment without sufficient notice will result in a $40 fee, this will need to be paid before your next appointment can be booked. We require a minimum of four hours’ notice to cancel your appointment so that we may offer your appointment to another patient in need. Fees accrued for failing to attend appointments are not eligible for any Medicare rebate.

Common Clinical Procedures

In addition to the above consultation fees, the following fees are applicable for additional enhanced services as provided by your doctor which require further time and complexity. These fees will apply to all patients, including those eligible for bulk billing doctor consultations.

Procedure Fees From 1 November 2023

Procedure Total FeePayable on day of appointment Medicare RebateRefund you receive to your bank account Gap PaymentYour total out of pocket cost after the rebate
Biopsy $135.00 $48.65 $86.35
Burn Dressing $53.85 $33.85 $20.00
Catheterisation $44.80 $24.80 $20.00
Cryotherapy TBC TBC $20.00
Ear Syringing TBC TBC $30.00
ECG Test $40.00 $17.15 $22.85
Incision and drainage of abscess/hematoma $125.50 $25.50 $100.00
International Vaccination update in AIR TBC TBC $30.00
Spirometry $87.00 $38.30 $48.70
Suturing <7cm body $98.65 $48.65 $50.00
Suturing <7cm face/neck $126.80 $76.80 $50.00
Tick/Foreign body Removal $51.90 $21.90 $30.00
Wound Dressing TBC TBC $20.00
Implanon Insertion $150.00 $33.15 $116.85
Implanon Removal $150.00 $56.55 $93.45
Implanon Removal & Insertion $300.00 $89.70 $210.30
Mirena IUD Removal Varies Varies $50.00
Forms TBC TBC $20.00

Making Payments

We are a cashless practice and do not carry any cash on the premises. If you are not eligible to be bulk billed, you can make the payment for your consultation via Eftpos or Credit Card. If you are registered with Medicare to receive electronic payments, we will process your Medicare Rebate for you at time of payment, so you will automatically be refunded the rebate amount to your bank account within 1-2 business days.

About Mixed Billing

Mixed-billing means that some patients will now pay a ‘gap payment’ for appointments. A gap payment is an out-of-pocket cost that is the difference between the Doctor’s fee and the Medicare rebate. Unfortunately, we are not able to bulk bill all of our patients because the amount set by the Government for a consultation is insufficient to cover the costs of providing a high quality medical service.

We have absorbed the increases in operational costs of running our practice over the years and have our fees as low as possible. Our fees reflect the time taken and the degree of complexity of each consultation.

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